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General Movement Disorders

    We Move - A site dedicated to worldwide education and awareness of movement disorders

Parkinson's Disease

    Parkinson Society Canada

    This is our National Parkinson's organization. The site includes links to supports to each province

    National Parkinson Foundation This highly recommended site contains many patient directed publications that can be ordered free and a ask the Doctor line, ask the dietician line as well as a maintained "What's Hot" in PD site

    Parkinson's Disease Foundation

    American Parkinson Disease Association

    The Parkinson's Alliance



    Genetic information about Parkinson's - gene

  • go to gene and type Parkinson in the search field

Atypical Parkinsons


Parkinson's "Plus"

    PSP NIH information page and resource links

    PSP - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

    MSA - Multiple System Atrophy NIH information page

    MSA - Multiple System Atrophy

    Corticobasal Degeneration - NIH information page al_degeneration/corticoba sal_degeneration.htm

    Dementia with Lewy bodies - NIH information page withlewybodies/dementia withlewybodies.htm


    International Essential Tremor Foundation  

    Essential Tremor - NIH information page remor/essential_tremor.htm


    Canadian Dystonia Organization

    Dystonia - NIH information page dystonias.htm

    USA - Dystonia Foundation

    Blepharospasm - Canadian Research Foundation Inc.

    Blepharospasm  Research Foundation, Inc.

    National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association

    A discussion of the different forms of dystonia /what-is-dystonia

    A  review of inherited dystonias - go to and type dystonia in Disease name search field and hit go

Tics / Tourette's

    Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

    The site includes links to supports to each province

    Tourette Syndrome Association

    Tourette Syndrome "Plus"

    Tourette's Syndrome Fact Sheet from NIH etail_tourette.htm

Huntington's Disease

    Huntington Society of Canada

    Huntington's Study Group - - Current research efforts

    Huntington's Disease Society of America

    Huntington's Disease - NIH information page /huntington.htm

    Huntington's at

         HD Drug Works


    Neuroacanthocytosis - NIH information page thocytosis/neuroacanthoc ytosis.htm

    Chorea acanthocytosis - go to genereviews and type Neuroacanthocytosis in search field

Other Choreas

    Chorea - NIH information page orea.htm

Restless Leg Syndrome

    US RLS site

    RLS -  NIH information page gs/restless_legs.htm


    Myoclonus - NIH information page /myoclonus.htm

    Myoclonus dystonia - go to genereviews and type "Myoclonus-dystonia" in search field


    USA National Ataxia Foundation

    Classifications of Ataxias a/aindex.html

    Ataxia -- NIH information page xia.htm

    Hereditary ataxias - go to gene reviews and type "Ataxia" in the search field

Wilson's Disease

    USA - The Wilson's Disease Association

    Wilson's disease - go to gene reviews and type "Wilson" in search field

Other Movement Disorders

    You can look under specific disorders at the NIH site


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